2010 Mazda3 Sport GX Review

It’s rare that I like such a simple, inexpensive car so quickly, but Mazda nailed a couple of key first-impressions. It’s really hard not to like this thing. The feelings remained after a few minutes, too. I’ll do the scary thing and let you follow my brain along as I check out the car.

Mazda3 Sport GX Photo

You are now riding shotgun to my thoughts.

Good-looking car. Love hatchbacks. Something sporty about the way they look and they’re usually very, very practical. Like my lulu lemons…wait, no, that’s not right…

Wow, for a “base model” economy car, the interior actually looks really nice. Cool swooping dash and stuff is generally well-laid out.

How’s the stereo? Let’s turn it up. Wait, I’m changing stations. That’s odd. The giant knob in the middle isn’t volume, it’s the tuning knob. That doesn’t make sense. Oh, here’s the little volume knob. Stereo sounds good. It’s got some oomph to it. Gangam Style has never sounded so good. 

Seat holds fairly snug. It’s not a racing seat or incredibly comfortable, but feels pretty nice…like the somewhat awkward hugs from my aunts. Good, the steering wheel adjusts in plenty of ways.

Let’s start this bad boy and see how he drives. I wonder why it’s a he. Clutch is easy to use. Man, the gear shifts feel awesome. Smooth but have a nice mechanical clunk. Let’s do that again. Mmmm…they’ve nailed it.

How does the engine sound when you push it? Nice, not too buzzy. More sporty. Traction is decent for how ridiculously icy it is out here. Some winter tires would help. Seriously, though, when is this winter going to end. I’m tried of shovelling.

Ooo, abandoned parking lot! Let’s see how stable this car is. Low-speed, pull the handbrake and…nice. Doesn’t get out of shape at all – really predictable which is great considering it doesn’t have traction/stability control. Tough to tell how sporty it would be as the roads are too icy to do anything, but this hints that it’s setup well. Over the snow and bumps it feels fairly comfortable as well.

I like this car.

How’s rear seat room? A little tight for my long legs. I could adjust my driving position to get more room back here, though. How about the hatch. I wonder if it’s actually a good size. Yup. Definitely. Tons of space back here. Not super-wide, but you could fold a seat down if you needed something really long. I see IKEA trips in the future.

Yeah, this is a good car. Reminds me a lot of the new Focus with a good blend of styling, fun, practicality, and generally just being a good car. You’d almost think Ford and Mazda used to work together…

Yup, I’d buy this car if I needed something affordable, good on gas, fun, and practical. Wait, what’s something that’s not affordable, inefficient, no fun, and impractical? Hmmm…

End internal thought process.

There are 3 Mazda3s currently at the dealerships that are worth checking out.

Make/Model: 2010 Mazda3 Sport GX
Engine: 2.0L DOHC I4 148HP/135 lb. ft.
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Current Mileage: 23,000km


  1. justin

    Hey Ric, thanks for commenting. In terms of the compact segment, you’re looking at compact cars like the Ford Focus, Kia Forte, Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Chevy Cruze, Dodge Dart etc… Compact cars are a LOT better than they used to be. However, certain manufacturers lean a little more to economy others to fun-to-drive, and others to comfort. Everyone wants to say that they do it all, but there’s always compromises to be made at this price range. Is there a certain blend you’re asking about?

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